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Visionary Team

At Picco Support, we're dedicated to achieving your digital success, recognizing that the seamless operation of software and applications is paramount in today's digital landscape.

Our Company

Under the umbrella of Piccosoft Software Labs India (P) Limited, we introduce another Business Unit - Picco Support. This Business Unit is Committed to your success in the digital age, by providing the appropriate and excellent support services for your Software to make it completely bug free. Our mission is to ensure that your Applications operate seamlessly and with optimal performance. We're not just here to offer support; we want to be your trusted partner in achieving your business goals.

At Picco Support, our goal is to empower your business by delivering top-notch support and consultation services. Whether it's swift bug identification and resolution, dedicated maintenance, or expert consultation, we're here to support you every step of the way. With Picco Support, you're not just receiving support; you're gaining a dedicated ally who shares your vision for success. Let us harness the power of technology to empower your business and drive it toward a future of efficiency, innovation, and growth.


The visionary team behind Picco Support is the commitment to client satisfaction. Their leadership has propelled Picco Support to new heights. Their dedication to empowering businesses and ensuring that software applications run seamlessly is the driving force behind Picco Support's mission. With this highly committed team, Picco Support stands as a testament to the importance of customer-centricity and excellence in the digital age.

Suresh Sekar Founder

Suresh Sekar

Founder & CEO

Suresh Sekar is the Founder and CEO of Piccosoft. He previously worked at Piccosoft Software Services as a Proprietor. Suresh Sekar attended the University of Madras.

Aravindhan Head - Client Deliverables


Head - Client Deliverables

Aravind, our Head of Client Deliverables, is committed to ensuring your application support exceeds expectations. His expertise guarantees impeccable service delivery.

Banu Sridharan Client Account Manager

Banu Sridharan

Client Account Manager

Banu Sridharan is a distinguished professional renowned for her expertise in requirement analysis and implementation. With a wealth of experience, she plays a pivotal role in ensuring client satisfaction and successful project execution.

Arul Kumaran Technology Expert

Arul Kumaran

Technology Expert

Arul Kumaran, our Tech Expert, brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to ensure seamless application performance. His expertise is your assurance of top-tier technical support.

Vanitha N Project Manager

Vanitha N

Project Manager

Vanitha N, our Project Manager, excels in orchestrating seamless, efficient support for your application needs. Her dedicated project management ensures timely and successful outcomes.

Our Team

At Picco Support, we've a team of Tech Experts, Team Leaders and Project Managers, dedicated to ensuring your software applications run seamlessly. With a diverse pool of expertise and a shared commitment to excellence, we're your trusted partners in the digital age. Right from bug fixes to minor enhancements and customizations to security compliance, we handle it all, so you can focus on business growth. Our goal is to provide the technical talent and support your applications need to excel and thrive in today's dynamic landscape.

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